Solar Home System

Essential home energy system powered by the sun

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Project Description

Package Components


  • Light weight portable energy solutions kit

  • Designed for small households to fulfil basic energy needs, along with providing entertainment solution

  • Controller box with built-in inverter, controller and battery
  • Short circuit, overload and overcharge/discharge protection

  • DC LED Television Set, DC Fan and Bulbs provide wholesome entertainment and comfort

  • Energy kit can be provided with PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) enabled technology platform to enable distributors to monitor and collect payment over a period of time


Solar Panel 100W 150W
Voltage 12V 24V
Battery 12V 55Ah 12V 80Ah
Solar Controller 12V 10A 24V 10A
DC Output 4*12V 4*12V
USB Output 2*5V 600mA 2*5V 600mA
LED Bulb (5W) 4 4
DC TV 17” 21”

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